Thursday, October 15, 2009

Satisfied With Christ Alone

We arrived today for court and sadly enough...the judge did not show up today. They have rescheduled the date for this coming Tuesday. I am not going to pretend that I wasn't disappointed but He really did give me a deep peace. This does mean more time to spend with Judah. All day today, Ryan and I have been praying on whether or not he should continue to fly home on Sunday. If the judge does not show again on Tuesday...I will be here by myself longer. And we continue to pray. As I get to know Judah, I have fallen in love with the way the Lord has created him..very shy, very curious, needing tons of love. We have been praying for the Lord's will so we walk in faith. And I must confess Thursday to Tuesday did not seem like a very long time a few hours ago, but after talking with Ryan's precious, precious, mom it became evident that Ryan needs to go home and love on our other three little ones. They need him more then I do. And this is when the flood of tears came. They are having a very hard time. And I am struggling deeply knowing that they are hurting, It seems crazy in my mind but not in my heart...I have only been gone since Saturday...but they are my children...and I deeply hurt when they hurt. And yet I am gently reminded that they are His children. I am His child. And yet he loved me so much that He sent His son die for me.

So...again I ask for prayer.... continued prayer for Tuesday's court date. Continued prayer for my time with Judah. And continued prayer for Noah, Bella, and Emma Lynn.
When I got back today, I read Scotty Smith's quote on facebook by John Calvin.

"Whoever is not satisfied with Christ alone, strives after something beyond absolute perfection." John Calvin


  1. sister I am sorry for the pain for all involved, but we all know living a life wrecklessly for Chirst brings much suffering ... I LOVE YA AND WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR YOU ALL ... still wanting my phone to ring ...

  2. have loved reading your blog and story! we're praying for peace for you, safety for ryan as he travels home, comfort for all of God's children, and a judge to show up on tuesday! judah is one blessed little man! much love! anna (root) wamsted

  3. Lindsey,
    My name is Frances and we are at the beginning of the journey with Amani. We haven't been matched with our little one yet...but any day they say. Know that our family is praying for yours. We follow all Amani families and pray for you every day. We can't wait for the day maybe we can have an Amani baby reunion!

    Thank you for sharing honestly and allowing us to journey with you and pray for you. We will need your wise prayers as we travel in a few months also. Know that your open and honest sharing is preparing those behind you.

    Thank you...may you THRIVE!
    Frances Worthington

  4. Oh Lins, Not the news I was hoping for...but I keep reminding myself that God has this whole process mapped out. He is not suprised by any of it. And we are praying for you all, especially the kiddos. Maybe they should come to Nashville and Jen and I could help with them. May not be best for them with school, but know that is an option open to you.
    Love you, Sara

  5. Praying for you, sister, and for your family. :)

  6. My heart is breaking for you. Gods plans and time are not ours but they are perfect. Sara is right, if we can do anything to help with the kids we are here and love them as our own. Do not fear God is with you. We are praying constantly.
    We love you and can not wait to meet Judah.

  7. Lindsey, as much as it hurts, it is only temporary. Like pregnancy and labor. You will be with all your babies soon and fortunately children have short memories when it comes to things like this. They will not remember their sadness when they see your shining face and their new brother, Judah! Keep on following the sure thing....our Jesus!

  8. I'm so sorry about the judge not showing, sounds kind of like our DMV office. Just kidding, I know its disappointing but Gigi's words are so true! It's ok for things at home to be a little out of the norm and uncomfortable because it will help your kids to remember the time in their lives when they got their new brother.
    God is with you and them and loves you all! We are praying for you, Ryan and all here in the States.

  9. I know how frustrating it must you want to be in two places at once, how you want the process to run more efficiently and smoothly (and the judge to show up), how you want your children to be okay, so I pray for the peace of Christ to flood over you and rule in your heart. I pray for a peace that passes understanding. This adoption thing is NOT for sissies, I have learned first hand watching all of you, and so I pray, too, that you will be strengthened by knowing that you are walking a path that He has called you to, and that He Who called you is faithful to finish it! I pray heaps of blessing upon you and Ryan and thank God for the example you are setting by walking in obedience to His call for you!!
    Much love and peace to you, my sweet sister!!