Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yesterday was a day of memories. We started out by taking Judah on a boat ride down the Nile. It was a sweet time for him because he had never ridden on one before. He would yell, duck, duck!!! Literally so cute. And pretty impressive because it was the NILE many times do you get to do that? My heart strings were pulled once again though for the hurting people all around. After the boat ride, we headed to Katie's house (Amazima Ministries) for praise and worship. Tears were rolling down my face to see these three hundred children just singing praises and beautiful! And then to serve them a hot meal with a bag of food to take home for their family....I did not feel worthy. Truly this is what we must be created to teach about Him.
Today Dana, Asher, and Ryan headed back home. I am so happy for Dana and Asher! And I know my children at home will be so happy to be with Daddy. Noah and Bella both have the flu with very high fevers and I can not be with them. Pray for them and that my mother-in-law stays healthy! So I am here by myself...but I get to spend time with Judah. And I love just being near him. Our court date is Tuesday at 10:00am here in Uganda and 2:00am central time. Thank you for all the is such an encouragement when I am so far away.


  1. We are still praying for you and your family. What a blessing to hear all that is going on. Thanks for taking time to share with us. Praying for Tuesday and beyond!

  2. So, so neat. Thanks for sharing. Judah is just precious. So glad u get to spend time there with him, in his country. Will be praying for you and Judah and Tuesday and your family. I am so sorry you have sick kiddos!! I pray they feel better soon.

  3. Precious. I wish I was there with you. Will be praying for tomorrow morning. Have you scheduled your flight home yet, or are you waiting to see what tomorrow brings? Love, You. Praying for your other kiddos.

  4. So excited to hear of your precious time with Judah. Sorry to hear of the court delay but can rest in that God is in control. Will continue to pray for you especially on Tuesday. Praying for your little ones at home as well.

  5. i'm praying, lins. such sweet pictures. keep us posted!

  6. AAAHHHHHH! I am SO happy to see that you guys got a little dose of "Saturday Worship" with Auntie Katie! Is that not one of the most memorable days of your life? to see all of those kids gathered on her porch singing praises to our sweet sweet Saviour? AND how cute is my lil Josie? Is she a punkin or what??! Gwen said that she spoke with you and you and Judah are doing to my ears! I will be praying for you in court tomorrow... I love you dear one! Your children here are fine I am sure, Daddy is home now...keep your eye on the ball!

  7. John and i prayed for you and the court date last night. Especially that you would find favor with the judge, so the process would go quickly and speed up your return home. Also, I prayed for Noah and Bella to recover quickly and that Emma Lynn, Barbie and Ryan would not get sick.

    Hang in there- not much longer!

  8. Christi BrandensteinOctober 20, 2009 at 7:41 AM

    As a mom, I am praying for your heart as a mother who longs to be in two places, nurturing everyone who calls out for her. I will check in with Ryan and see what we can do. My parents are in town, so I am free to take a meal over, or do whatever. We are rallying the troops here, so try to rest easy in God's care.