Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gotcha Day and First Full Day

Yesterday was our first day here....and surprise...Dana and Asher met us at the airport! It was so good to hug her neck and greet Asher for the first time. They needed to stay in Kampala to work on paperwork so we headed to Jinja. Our hotel is directly across the street from the orphanage but by the time we got there it was naptime for the little ones. So, we showered (much needed) and ate lunch. And then it was time to meet our precious son!!! He had just finished a nap and when he saw us he came running. He stayed in our arms literally the rest of the day. He knows who we are....he knows we are his mommy and daddy. We walked back to the hotel for ice cream and orange Fanta ......his favorite! Just spending time with him is surreal. He is ADORABLE!!!! When we are with people he is very shy, keeping his fingers in his mouth and not talking much. But after he warmed up to us...we could not get him to stop talking and laughing!!!! We then all three went on a walk and held him. He LOVES to ride on Ryan's shoulders! And he carried his "book" with our pictures the entire time! The whole day with him truly was special....a day I will NEVER forget.

This morning we went and got Judah early so that he could have breakfast with us. Again...he ate every single bite....eggs, toast, bacon, juice and some orange Fanta...of course! I asked him who we were and he said....mommy and daddy. We gave him a small backpack with his name on it with toys inside. It was so cute....all he wanted to do was open the zipper and then close the zipper again and again. We then gave him a bath. Let me tell you....HE LOVES THE BATH!!! You would have thought we took him to Disneyland! He squealed, splashed, and played. Then we headed back to Amani for his preschool time. During preschool his friends were doing puzzle time. Let me tell you those little ones sat completing puzzles and then would switch with a friend....completely content and happy....it was an impressive sight!!!! The class younger than Judah was having music time....so cute....drums, shakers, recorders. Then I left so he could have lunch and nap. After lunch, Ryan and I took him into town for more ice cream and to walk around Jinja. Then he asked if he could have another bath...of course. So we headed back for another bath. Then it was time to say goodbye for the night. We met Dana and Asher for dinner and called it a day,

We have had two great days with our son. I am VERY thankful. I am not naive to think that there will not be hard times with adjustment or with the completion of this process.BUT I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE LAST TWO DAYS....days to love on him, days to be with him, days to experience what he experiences. Thursday is our court date. I ask for everyone to be praying....pray specifically for positive and quick rulings. Thank you for all the encouraging words.....they mean more than I can express!!!


  1. Lindsey, I have been checking every day for updates. So glsd to read this one. My heart is rejoicing with yours as you spend time with him, soaking in every detail of his little body, his laughter, his cries, his conversations, his smiles, his hugs and the way he calls you "Mommy". PRECIOUS. Enjoy your time. I will be praying for Thursday's court hearing. Let us know.

  2. Y'all have been on my heart so much the past few days. We have been praying for you all. What a gift to get to hear about meeting your son and about your experience in Africa. We rejoice with you and are so happy that you get to hold Judah. We will be prayiing for court and for every detail that goes into bringing him home when it is time.

    rebekah wright

  3. he looks SO much happier in his mama/daddy's arms! i know yall are loving every minute! love on josie love for me and have an awesome time with judah! =)

    love love love,

  4. oh Lindsey! It sure does a mama's heart some good to see that boy in your arms! Is he not PRECIOUS!? He's just a little lump o' sugar! I cannot WAIT to get all of these kiddos home and "do life" together. KNOW that I am praying FERVENTLY for your time there with him. Give Dana and Asher a hug for me...love you sister!

  5. Lindsey and Ryan - Seeing you with Judah made me cry! All these months that we have prayed for these moments - God is so good!! Our family will be praying for the court date. We are so anxious to hug on Judah, too!! We love you so much!


  6. so many thoughts on this ... i am overwhelmed w/ joy for you and that Judah knows who you are and that another child has a forever family ...

    love ya girl ...

  7. oh, precious. so happy for you all and still praying for you often! will definitely be in prayer for your court date!!

  8. Lindsey and Ryan,
    Unbelievable that you are really there, that you are actually holding Judah and loving on him. I'm so happy for you. Praise the Lord for your safe travel, and now for your time with Judah. We continue to pray for you all.

    Also, just heard that Dana gets to come back with you! A miracle!

  9. Rejoicing with you over your new son! He looks so excited to be with mommy and daddy! Our God is so good. Blessings on you all.

  10. Lindsey,
    These photos bring tears and joy! I am so happy for you all, and can't wait to meet Judah! I will be praying for court tomorrow,