Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Praying In A Parking Lot

Well....today was a crazy day! The day started when I decided to take the girls and our neighbor to a bike park to ride bikes. Well I had envisioned all three girls just having a sweet time riding and laughing. We weren't there twenty minutes when the neighbor crashed. She is a little older then Bella......so she has her permanet teeth. During the fall she cracked her front permanent tooth. Why couldn't it have been one of my girls with their baby teeth....or just one of my girls that didn't belong to someone else? Her parents were very gracious and got her an appointment with the dentist immediately.....but I still felt horrible! So, later this afternoon my three children had a camp for three hours at the children's museum. I dropped them off and went to buy some soup for a couple who just had their first baby. I drove up to their house, got the soup out, and the bottom busted out and spilled all over my car.....then cleaned up the soup, and went in to see my friends. They were so cute...got to see the precious nursery....got to hold the six week old baby--so adorable!!! I wasn't there ten minutes when my cell phone rang. My four year old daughter decided this was not the day she was going to camp.....meaning....she was not going to stop crying until her mommy came. The camp counselor politely asked me to come and pick her up.
Some days are like this. Some days are crazy. Some days I feel I am under attack. After I picked up the four year old....I thought what can I check off my list with only one child....easier then three. I looked in the mirror and she was fast asleep. None of mine nap anymore so I decided that she needed it and I wouldn't get her out of the car. What to do? I pulled the car over into a parking lot and decided to pray. My husband is preaching on prayer this Sunday. And I knew I needed it, he needed it, we all need it. I thought of the events that had happened today. I remembered that when I left my friend, who is a brand new mommy, there were tears in my eyes. For what....just because today was a little harder. My hardest days don't even compare to so many.

Early this morning, before my crazy day began, I had a message from a friend who is also adopting, a little girl from Uganda, from Judah's orphanage. She told me of a volunteer's blog that had a video of her ADORABLE little girl. I went to the blog and what I read hit me hard. The blogger asked people to pray for a particular orphan. You see....I know exactly who this orphan is.....I have looked at his pictures for months. Most all of the pictures that I have of Judah he is playing with him. He has these big puffy cheeks that you honestly want to just kiss a thousand times over. He is captivating. I have often thought someone needs to snatch him up-you can not help but love him, even from his pictures. Today as I read her blog I found out that he seems to be unadoptable. And that he understands that his four best friends are being adopted by families in Nashville....but not him. He will most likely remain in different orphanges and probably never have a family. As I prayed in that parking lot, I wept harder than I have in along time. I truly mourned for him and for so many other orphans who will never get adopted...who will never have a mommy or daddy. Please join me in lifting up this little guy. This little guy who makes my "crazy" days seem like absolutely nothing.
Oh God, for as crazy as my days already seem....let my heart be open....open to your calling...however big or small you ask for my family to be.....I pray your will for whatever you have for my family....four children.....six children....ten children....do not let me get caught up in this world as I so often do....help me to serve those around me....help me to take care of those who can not take care of themselves....continue to prick my heart for those who do not have anyone to love them....continue to lay that little one and many others on my heart to pray for....even if it is an hour in my car....praying in a parking lot.... O Lord, help me to pray.


  1. oh, totally weeping with you right now. i am going to begin lifting Bobby up, too. how that breaks my heart that he will watch his little buddies find their forever family....and be left waiting. can you imagine God's hurting heart? when ours feels like this....

    i had almost the same experience last week....God made me sit in a parking lot....two girls napping, two girls watching a movie and me PRAYING.

  2. thank you for your reminder...i am praying for sweet bobby. :(

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your heart on your blog! It is so very inspiring and challenging to me! I will pray for Bobby!

  4. i hear you are coming here next weekend ?? is that true ??? would love a visit ... great post!

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  6. Thanks Lindsay. Thank you so much. This certainly puts things in perspective.