Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Loved On

The Keck family and our family met a dear friend for lunch yesterday.  This precious friend is headed to Uganda next week.  Not only is she headed to Uganda---she is stopping by Amani-Judah and Asher's orphanage. 

Her and her husband will begin spending half of the year in Uganda annually.  We had been in a bible study together years ago---but had lost contact.  Can you believe how God brought us back together? This was the perfect time to let them know that we love them so much!!! Our families sent the boys a little something to love on until we can get there.  We got Judah an elephant "lovie"--on the lovie there is a picture of a little elephant holding the tail of a big elephant.  Noah says that he is the big elephant and Judah is the little one-holding onto him! We attached more pictures of our family so he can be looking at us some more. (He has no idea how many times a day we look at his pictures-hee-hee!)  Our friend traveling is going to send us more photos of the boys getting their surprises.  We can't wait to see his sweet face as he is loved on! We continue to pray for our court date.  And we continue to pray that Judah understands in his little heart that we are coming as fast as we can.   Here are some pictures of our lunch.  Judah and Asher hang on---WE ARE COMING SOON!!!!

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