Sunday, August 9, 2009

Judah's Shower

Yesterday some dear friends from our church in St. Louis, South City, gave Judah a "baby shower". I must tell you when they asked if they could give it I was quite taken back. This is my fourth child and Judah is not a the thought honestly never entered my mind. I was so touched that they even considered doing this for him. I think what made it so endearing is that he can one day look at these pictures and gifts and witness the rejoicing over his life.  I can add all these pictures, cards, etc. to his "baby book". I have been collecting ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for him: Pictures that volunteers sent me when he was a baby, emails from precious volunteers about his life at Amani, and emails that actually have any information regarding him at all. Call me crazy, but I even print out encouraging messages from facebook that are about him. I want him to have his own"baby book." I want him to see how much we celebrated his life even before we had him. I want him to see the story of redemption over his life.
At a South City shower, after eating, the person for whom the shower is given shares their story of what God has done in their life........their testimony.   Just saying the words out loud from the beginning of my story up until now was such a reflection time for me to see where God has brought me.....the trials, the celebrations, the lessons......and it was neat to see His hands leading my heart toward adoption from early on (as a teenager) to the soon-to-be present reality of my son.  After I gave my testimony, we had a time of prayer for Judah.  As my friends were praying for him, I was struck by how many people shared a genuine love for him.  My son does not even realize how much he is delighted over....what a sweet picture of the church.  I am not pregnant with hormones but friends let me tell you how much I was crying tears of joy yesterday.   I don't know if my friends meant to.....but the gifts given have such significance.....a blanket with his life verse monogrammed on it, a banner made out of the letters of his name, and his very own bible.  To have anything at all that belongs to only  you is unheard for an, clothes, shoes are all shared.....nothing belongs to only you.    I can not comprehend what it is not know where I am not know where I not know that there is someone who is going to love me unconditionally forever. He now can see where he was from.....know that he belongs with our family.....feel everyday that he is loved forever.  I have heard that it is a love not grown in the womb, but a love grown in the heart. My dear heart is overwhelming growing everyday with love for you.  Soon little one....soon.


  1. How sweet! Adoption is a journey like no other. There are no words to actually describe the love that is in one's heart for someone they have never met, but feel so much love for.

    What a blessing to be able to watch Judah's journey to his forever family unfold before me. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This is amazing! What sweet friends you have!! Judah is well loved and prayed for already!!!

  3. What precious gifts and what a precious love God has given Judah's mommy for him! waiting anxiously with you for you two to be together forever!!