Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Sweetness Of The Present

I honestly thought that we would have been given a court date by now. I thought I would have bought the plane tickets and made preparations by now. It is funny that not only has God revealed how much I want my son in my arms....but he has also revealed to me how much I want and crave control of my circumstances. There have been times when I have wondered why it is taking so long. But, during all the wondering....God has been good. It seems like daily I have received some new unexpected treasure regarding Judah that I can ponder in my heart. Soon after we decided to adopt Judah, sweet Emily Worrall sent me a video of him laughing from last summer. (you can see it at the beginning of the blog) And she has sent me another video of him laughing from this summer. (still trying to figure out how to put it on here) How amazing to have captured his laugh two years in a row for our family to view. Thank you, my friend! Yesterday I also received in the mail a collection of goodies from the Proctors. (a cd of pictures, a dvd of him, etc.) Thank you so much and grateful that God has knit our hearts together!!!! It is surreal to me because these videos, pictures, etc. were probably taken weeks ago. But the Lord knew that I needed them the day I received them. It is as if He is continually saying....I know you want your son....I know you are hurting....I will provide you with unexpected surprises to help ease the waiting. Yet, during the wait....he is blessing me and teaching me all at the same time. I can not forget that His timing is perfect.
The beginning of a school year is always a little hectic so I am very thankful that I can get Noah, Bella, and Emma Lynn in a routine before I leave for Africa. During this past week, my little Bella started kindergarten. It is only three hours and she doesn't even have lunch there....but it was a huge milestone. I was so excited for her and yet at the same time sad that she will be gone every morning. I left those exact words on my facebook page the day she started. My incredible father-in-law wrote these words back to me, "drink the sweetness of the present." And that is exactly what I am trying to do. As I wait for my fourth, ballet, gymnastics begin for my other three. Homework is starting, the days are cooling, and fall is just around the corner. The Lord knows the exact day, the exact hour, the exact minute that I will receive the court date. He knows the exact day, the exact hour, the exact minute that I will step off a plane with Judah in my arms. I can not doubt His timing. For whatever is not time to leave quite yet and that is okay. Maybe the Lord is settling my other three....maybe the Lord is not through preparing Judah....maybe the Lord is still teaching me to truly open up my hand....maybe the Lord is telling me to drink the sweetness of the present. So while the waiting is long....I am not through pondering the lessons, praying for my family, and praising my Maker for these unexpected gifts.

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