Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Proctor Blessing

Dan and Dee Anne Proctor visited Uganda recently. Several posts ago, it shows Dee Anne receiving our gifts to take to the boys. Well, let me tell you.....again, I am brought to my knees. Honestly, brought to my knees in amazement over the love that many have shown. This video from the Proctors.....a surprise gift.... captures the very heart of my child....the joy of catching bubbles....the pride of holding something that is his very own.....the peace of knowing he has a family waiting for him. Just when I think I can not wait another day to get a court date and hold him in my arms...God surprises and blesses. And to my friends, the Proctors, I am overwhelming appreciative of your thoughtfulness. Blessings over you dear friends.....thank you.

(You can mute my song list so that you can hear the video better.)


  1. Lindsey, I was not prepared for the emotional response that overwhelmed me when Judah climbed on my lap and showed me is family book while he was clutching his new blanket. He is a precious little boy. THANK YOU for giving Dan and I the privilege of walking with you on this amazing journey!

  2. How WONDERFUL! What an amazing gift!! Thank you for sharing it. :) I can't wait to see pictures of Judah in YOUR arms, sister!

  3. priceless .... let's get on a plane !!!