Wednesday, June 17, 2009


God is definitely moving in huge ways in our lives right now.  A few posts ago I had shared that when Ryan's seminary was over we would be trusting to go wherever God led.  We really were open to wherever He wanted to use us in ministry.  And it is official . . . . after seminary we will be heading back to Nashville!!!!
 We are rejoicing! Honestly, I was ready to go anywhere---but secretly hoping Ryan would be called to one of the churches in Nashville.  And to my surprise---it is not only to Nashville but to Christ Presbyterian Church---our home church.  I am blown away.  I can see now God's hand orchestrating every detail as I look back upon the process.  We honestly never imagined him being called back to the flock that we know and love so much.  I am so proud of my precious husband.  It was not a decision that Ryan took lightly-many factors were considered and prayed through.  But, God has called Ryan to be an assistant pastor over the youth and families at Christ Presbyterian.  My heart is singing and praising!
My heart is singing and praising for so many reasons----for Noah, Bella, and Emma Lynn to be close to our dear family and to grow up with friends they have known all of their lives---for the students that Ryan deeply cares for--those he has known since they were little and are now about to graduate or are in high school--for the students he taught and has longed to pour into their lives more---for the students he has yet to build a relationship with and can not wait for the opportunity to be involved in their lives---for the families at CPC that have loved us so well through the years, we can now serve them again---for the parents at CPC that we can not wait to build relationships with as we love their children together---for Wade, Emily, Will and Afton, such amazing friends to walk though the journey with---and for my Judah.....MY PRECIOUS JUDAH WILL GROW UP WITH FRIENDS FROM HIS OWN ORPHANAGE!!!!!  Three other sweet families from the church or the academy are adopting from his orphanage.  They will all remain forever friends!!!!!! I am marveled by my maker.  And I can not put into words how overjoyed I am for Judah!!!!! I have witnessed first hand how I can not plan anything.  His ways are perfect!!! I must follow where He leads even if it does not make sense.  
Jesus, help me, help me to always follow where you lead . . . . and today I am falling at your feet in thanksgiving.  


  1. That post brought tears to my eyes....what a wonderful blessing for you and yours. Praying till Judah is safely in your arms, too!!!

    What wonderful news! God is good!!!

  2. Nashville??!! That is awesome!!! What an amazing blessing!!!