Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Window Into Judah's World

This is an excerpt from what I replied to an amazing Amani volunteer.

Words can not express my gratitude for your words about Judah.  I have read countless times-forwarded to friends and family -my husband and myself even just sat and cried.  This information is invaluable.  He will be able to read these words and catch a glimpse of what his life was like-something that I his mommy could never tell him or even begin to tell him.  Thank you doesn't do justice to what I want to express.  Not only did you provide information-I am just amazed at how you and many others have loved him so well. God truly wrapped his arms around him and gave him many mommies "aunties" to care for him, to hug him, to teach him, and to make him laugh and smile.  I knew at age seventeen I was supposed to adopt but I am truly brought to my knees at how God has protected my son.  I had no idea it would be Africa and I am so thankful it will be. 

This is an excerpt from the email from the precious volunteer. She is INCREDIBLE! 

I first met Judah when he was in Baby Room 1, it's for babies who don't walk yet, so he was still just a crawler.  He was a quiet baby who loved attention and sucked his fingers a lot for comfort.  He was such a snuggler and could sit in your lap, content, for a long time. He loved to be held as he was going to sleep.  Judah had the crib right next to where I would put diapers on babies right before bed (as they were coming out of the bath).  He loved to play with my pony tail as I was down on my knees drying and diapering babies.  He thought it was hilarious and I would snap around really fast and "scare" him and he would fall back into his crib, cracking up. He could do this over and over again! 
When he moved to the next Baby Room, Baby 2, he slept on a top crib (the cribs are like bunk beds, only they're small cribs). He would stand up, holding onto his crib, and check out his room (sucking his little fingers of course). He adjusted well to his room change and liked being with the bigger babies.  He especially liked to look at books.  He was SO proud of himself when he started to learn to walk.  He smiled easily when you would smile at him!
Judah really came out of his shell when he moved to the toddler house.  He didn't talk very much before this, but now he started to say, "Auntie!" when he would see volunteers.  He shared a bed with other toddler boys, and still such a little guy that he was wearing 12-18 month shorts!  I also remember he wore a button down shirt a lot too.  He was too little to go to pre-school with the 4-5 year old children when I was teaching, so he spent time playing with animals and coloring with his mamas.  He loved to peer into the classroom to see what the big kids were doing and thought he was so funny when we would discover he was looking.  He was very well behaved little guy though so at the end of Arielle and I's teaching at Amani, we would let him come in for school-at least for craft time.  We would ask him if he wanted to come to school and he always said, "yes!" and would come right into the classroom and find a seat.  He loved to play with the big boys during afternoon play.  He loved the big tire swing in the front yard and liked "loggin (wagon)" rides and the little cars.  He liked to be pushed fast and would giggle the whole time.  Judah was kind of like the big kids little brother, he loved being involved with whatever they were playing with but was littlest one-it was super cute.
He loved to go into town.  The children put on "smart" clothes when they go to town and when I would dress him in his smart clothes he would get a big smile and tell me he was smart.  I put him in overalls because he is so little his pants would fall down otherwise.  He had shoes with Lightning McQueen on them.  He loved orange Fanta soda and could drink a whole bottle by himself.  (I know, no the healthiest, but in UG, kids drink soda). He liked to get silly and a little wild at nighttime.  The boys loved when the "aunties" would come in at night to give them all one last hug and kiss.  Judah was often one of the silliest boys at bedtime-jumping around on his bed and needing yet another hug and kiss.  We would get all the boys settled and he would still want to be silly.  He wasn't often naughty, so it was good to see him so spirited at bedtime! 
Judah will absolutely thrive with the love of a family.  Some of the children, sadly, are so good at living at an orphanage.  They fight hard for attention and would be the first ones to greet the volunteers when they walked in the gates.  He was a quieter little boy who didn't scream for attention and could be content to sit by himself-he lit up when he was sought out and picked up or given special attention.  He has a shy smile and needs to warm up to people.  He does well with individual attention and will grow leaps and bounds with a mommy and daddy of his very own.  I think there is a lot of Judah that won't come out until he is with his family-does that make sense at all?  I think with security and constant love he will grow more than you could imagine.  I saw him grow so much, but I know he's a little boy that will do best in his forever family.  Judah is an extremely sweet and special little boy.  I have a huge place in my heart for him-and miss him dearly.  I can't put into words how incredibly sweet he is and how much I love him.   


  1. Hi Lindsey,

    When I saw you posted this email I just had to let you know I'm still 100% following your journey to Judah. I check your blog every day for updates and was thrilled about your AMAZING Father's Day news- Congratulations to your beautiful family!
    I'm praying Judah home and am so excited that God's moving this along step by step!

    I can just picture him now- gosh- a whole year older than when I last saw him. He's probably a leader now, helping the younger boys with the wagons and cars and talking up a storm at school. He's probably telling his aunties that his mommy and daddy are in "the merica!" (which is how lots of the kids said America). He's such a precious boy.

    Much love to your family!!
    Rachel :)

  2. Sweet, sweet Rachel,
    I did not use your name because I hadn't asked your permission. I hope people read this and see how much these precious little ones are loved by so many and how they are blessed by all those who take care of them. Your words are a treasure that I will ponder in my heart forever. Blessings over you my friend.

  3. Lindey,
    I just cried and cried to read the description of your sweet son. I cannot wait until he is in your arms! I am praying for your family!

    Lots of Love!
    Shannon (Newbill) Niemann

  4. I was glued to your blog post! I cannot wait for Judah to be home with his family!! I will keep praying for ya'll!!

  5. OH, how that brought tears to my eyes....

    I could just picture him in those words. I bet your heart is about to burst to have him home!!!

    Staying tuned, and praying!