Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My dear friend, Dee Ann, visited Uganda this past summer. During her stay she made me a cd of pictures and a video. When she sent me these treasures I was counting the days until I could hold Judah myself. So she truly blessed me. Dee Ann is visiting Uganda right now for the second time. This morning she sent me a message and blessed me again. I copied her message onto the blog because it touched my heart so much!!!

Lindsey, We stopped by Amani on Monday Morning, and Sweet Precious little Judah ran up to me, I picked him up and he hugged and hugged on me, with a grin from ear to ear. This is an AMAZING transition that I saw in him from August! He is so excited about his new mommy, Daddy, and family! Little Judah has been TRANSFORMED, and It brought tears to my eyes to have him hold on to me and hug me so passionately. I will post a photo as soon as I can. We should arrive back in States you will be arriving here about the same time!

What sweet words to a momma's heart who is missing her son. I have continually wondered how he is doing. At times, I have even felt guilty for leaving. Yet, I know full well that the Lord wants me here taking care of my other three until it is time. But still....I have wondered....did he cry when he realized I was leaving on an airplane....did he continually wait for me to come back...lots of wondering....lots of praying. Yet, these words from Dee Ann have been such a comfort. To know full well that he is doing fact better!!! When she first met him for the first time he ws painfully shy. But today she describes Judah as being transformed. Oh Lord...thank you for using the time that I was in Uganda to help him adjust to a new life and a new family. Thank you Lord for giving him a confidence that he did not have. Thank you Lord for your redeeming grace.

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  1. So sweet. What a beautiful word picture of what our Lord God does to each of us.....transformed from our previous selves then free to love and share and be free.