Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cling To The Hope

This past week in St. Louis I have been blessed to hear two incredible speakers. On Saturday, at the Kirk of the Hills women's conference, Nancy Guthrie spoke. And last night I got to hear Tim Keller speak on idols...amazing. But, he is speaking in Nashville tonight so I won't spoil it for anyone...maybe the next blog will be about his teaching! Nancy Guthrie has lived through more suffering than many of us will ever have to endure in a lifetime. Two out of her three children are now in heaven due to a rare genetic disease. If you have not read her book, Holding Onto Hope...I strongly recommend it. She truly is a woman I admire...she is not afraid to be real...she ministers to the hurting by sharing her own story....and she is in love with her Savior. I am not even going to try and teach what she taught. Today there are no original ideas from me. I am just going to tell her words...from my notes of scribbling as fast as I could....that spoke so dear to my heart.
How would I respond to Job's situation? How would I respond if everything was taken from me? What do I really think deep I think that God will spare me from significant suffering if I do the right things? Goodness and godliness are no guarantee that I will not have to suffer. In fact I should expect suffering. Job rejected the assumption that he shouldn't have to suffer. And Job refused to blame God and become bitter. Job openly mourned (tore robe, shaved head) he was not ashamed to reveal his hurt...he agonized over the loss. AND THEN JOB FELL TO THE GROUND IN WORSHIP REGARDLESS OF HIS FEELINGS. NOTHING happens to us that has not been ordained by Him. (This was the first page of my notes....and I had good.)

Because I attended this conference...because I spent several weeks in Uganda looking into the eyes of many orphans...suffering has been on my heart lately. Someone very dear to me is waiting on test results. Someone very dear to me just unexpectantly lost a loved one. Maybe you are going through a trial. Maybe you are going through a deep valley. Cling to the hope that Job held onto. Job 19:25
I know that my Redeemer lives.


  1. Wow! What good words to hear! Thank you so much, Lindsey, for sharing. I wish I could have heard Tim Keller when he was here (didn't even know about it). We really do assume, don't we, that life will be OK. That the bottom really won't fall out, that our famiies will be healthy, that our jobs will be stable, etc, etc. How arrogant of us! How I need to get on my face and confess this pride and thank Him for extending grace to me and blessing me beyond measure (especially things I take for granted).

    Keep us posted on what the word is from Uganda.

  2. I loved it that you were there, beautiful Lindsey. And I love reading that it was meaningful to you. God's Word is so good because it is so true. It withstands scrutiny. It exposes our weaknesses and provides our strength.

  3. Am lifting you up in prayer today as I think this is baptism day at your church for adopted children. I know you were wishing Judah would be home and it might be a hard day for you. Know you are prayed for and loved so much. God will not bring him home a day too early or a day too late. His plans are perfect. I pray you can hold tightly to this promise today and walk by faith.

    Love you guys!