Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Travel Plans

Just wanted to give an update of our travel plans! First of all, I talked to Dana today and she had gotten good news. The letter that they had been waiting on was completed!!! Now they need to get Asher's passport and visa....the last steps....yea! Danny had arrived and she honestly sounded so full excitement and so full of joy. He will leave on Sunday and hopefully if all works out she will be coming home with us!!!!! Let me explain a little bit.
After watching and learning from my dear friends, Ryan and I have prayed and prayed.....and we have decided to take two trips. We will leave St. Louis on Saturday the 10th and arrive in Entebbe on Monday morning and go straight to Judah's orphanage. Our court date is on Thursday October 15th (pray, pray, pray). And we will arrive back home on Monday October 19th. Ryan could not be away from seminary for more than a week without falling too far behind. And our other little ones are too young for me to be gone for over a month. So, my precious sister has volunteered to go back with me once all of the verbal and written rulings have been given. (maybe early to mid November...maybe later) Then we will get to bring Judah home!!!! We are getting so close...I could just rejoice!!!!
I need to thank all the sweet moms at Kirk Day School who are taking my other children to play dates, ballet, soccer, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! And please be praying for Ryan's AMAZING mom and aunt who are keeping my three little ones while we are gone. This is a HUGE undertaking and I hope they know how truly grateful and thankful that I am for them. My heart is at peace knowing that Noah, Bella, and Emma Lynn are in their care.
Lastly, I just need to tell you that I have been humbled and taken aback by the kindness and love that so many have poured out over us. It may have been an encouraging word, an offer to help, a phone call, letting me cry with you, jumping up and down with me, sending me pictures, writing a note or just knowing that you are has made such a have made such a difference in our have added to our blessing....thank you.
So....only three more days and we will be on that plane!!!! Five more days and Judah will be in our arms!!!! After all of this anticipation of wanting and waiting....the time has come!!!!



  1. So excited for you as you travel! We'll be praying for your safety and sweet bonding time with Judah! Also for your children in US waiting too!

  2. We continue to pray for your family every day. So exciting that you are getting so close to Judah!! It has been such a blessing to watch families going before us to bring their children home.

  3. Oh Lindsey! This is so exciting!!!! We are praying for y'all!!!!

  4. Please know the Hartleys are praying for your family, especially over the next month!

  5. Linds - I am sooo excited for you! We will be lifting you, Ryan and ALL of your kiddos up in prayer during the trip. I wanted to call you before you left, but lost my cell phone with all my phone numbers in it - just know you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Love you! Leslie