Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Sweet Mama

Today after church I had a message on my cell. All I could hear was a little voice on the other end....and it was my precious little guy. HELLO MOMMY.....HELLO MOMMY....I LOOOVE YOU!!!! I will save that priceless message forever!!! I called Dana to thank her and what she told me brought tears to my eyes and chills on my arms. She said she had been at Amani today and the kids had been playing and playing. She was talking to one of the "mamas" and she told her that Judah's mom and dad would be there in one week. She was trying to explain Ryan a little bit to the mama....she said that Ryan was going to be a pastor and that one of his passions was leading worship. Dana tried to explain that he played the guitar and loved to sing songs about Jesus. All of a sudden the "mama" got tears in her eyes. And she said, "I have been praying for YEARS for Judah Marvin to have a family full of musicians. He LOVES to sing, dance, play instruments, and enjoys music. I also have been praying that Judah Marvin would return here to Africa one day and tell people about Jesus."

I can not wait to be in Africa....I can not wait to experience the culture...the people. I can not wait to see my son's culture. I can not wait to hug the necks of the women who have literally prayed for my child for YEARS....YEARS! I can not wait to express some gratitude to the ones who have gone before me at Amani and fed, bathed, taught, and loved my son. I can never repay you enough but thank you dear friends...thank you so much. And I will continue to pray the prayer of that sweet "mama." And hopefully one day Judah will return to Africa....maybe as a missionary....maybe as a pastor...maybe just to love on the people from his native culture....but always to tell people about Jesus. Thank you....thank you....thank you.


  1. What a sweet message to receive today! I am excitedly following your blog every day. Can't wait to have you write after your trip to bring Judah home!

  2. Lindsey, have enjoyed your blog so much. I know that you cannot wait to love on Judah and bring him home. I am missing Dana so much. If she is still in Uganda when you arrive, please give her a big hug from her Mom and a special hug to Asher. Know that you and your family are in my prayers.
    Betty McDavid

  3. I loved reading this post. Judah does love to dance and sing. I remember him off in his own little world humming and marching his feet to the beat in his head. I'm overjoyed that he has a family and I can't wait to read blogs about your trip there!

    Anna Mattingly
    Amani Volunteer
    June 07
    December 08-January 09

  4. Just another sweet reminder that God knew Judah would be your son before he was ever born or left in that car. He is a redemptive Father! Love you!!

  5. Lindsey, I wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog about Judah. It is so exciting to hear about how God has worked to make Judah a part of your family! To think that God planned all of this from the very beginning! May God bless you in the coming days and weeks. Know that your family is sincerely loved and blessed of God!
    In Christ Alone,
    Robin Heeth

  6. I am so encouraged and inspired by your journey. We too hope to adopt someday! I will be praying for your trip to finally bring your boy home. Please keep us updated.

    Kristy Kitchell Chowning