Saturday, April 25, 2009

How It Began

Many people have asked how or why we decided to adopt -so I thought I would write and explain from the very beginning. I was one of those little girls who knew very early in life all I ever wanted to be was be a teacher or a mommy-my baby dolls were not good enough. I ADORED babies, toddlers, any little ones. I taught preschool during college and then after I became a first grade teacher. However, due to many female problems- at the age of seventeen I was told by my doctor that I would probably never have children. I think at that moment-even at that young age-a seed for adopting children was planted.

At the time, it was was pretty devastating news. This dream of my own little baby was crushed. The pain due to the female problems was great-but the pain in my heart was much greater. I remember on my third date with Ryan sharing this news and explaining that if he ever wanted children of his own-I was not the girl for him. (But never underestimate the power of God.) Years later, after having three surgeries and attending a prayer service-the next week I became pregnant with Noah. Our infertility doctor advised that after Noah was born ,we should start trying again as soon as possible for a second. Bella was born eighteen months later. When Bella was six months old, I found out that I was three months pregnant with Emma Lynn-total surprise. Our infertility doctor had never delivered three babies from the same family EVER without them being multiples! It made me realize that my plans are so futile-He always knows what is best-His ways are perfect.

I look back now and I see God's perfect timing for each little one that He has blessed us with. And where I once thought I HAD to adopt-I know now that I GET to adopt. It is a gift. It is a privilege. It is a need for so many little ones around the world. Years ago even at age seventeen- the Lord knew Judah would be my son. Those nights that I cried and cried because I thought I would not have any children-the Lord knew Judah would be my son. The seed that HE planted never died-the Lord knew Judah would be my son. When Judah was left in a taxi cab at five weeks old-the Lord knew I would be his mommy. When Judah was taken to an orphanage-the Lord knew I would be his mommy. When Judah wondered if anyone ever loved him-the Lord knew I would be his mommy.

I want to go to Uganda now. I am reminding myself yet again-my plans are so futile- He always knows what is best- His ways are perfect.


  1. I know what you mean when you say that you want to go to Uganda...I am so ready! We watched as little ones were baptized in this church this morning, and I cried for Asher. My heart simply ACHES that we cannot have him home with us. I know you understand...let us pray for patience and the strength to wait upon the Lord for His timing, for I know that it is perfect! Love you guys!

  2. This Gwen ... I am actually working and forgot to sign off as Katie's signor ... oooopppps ...hee hee

    so excited you have a blog ... i will be checking in you all !!! I can't wait to see all our boys together ... we are getting close to making a decision ... just waiting on some doctor reports ... please email me your email address and i will give you more specifics ... ...

    Thank You Lord for people to journey w/ on this amazing adventure to our children !!! will mail out your necklaces on Tuesday ... You are going to love them !!!!

  3. Hey there! I found your blog through "The Design Girl." I LOVE it!! (I'm about to have mine made-over too) I love the colors you chose and I love your family story. It's truly beautiful to watch our MIGHTY GOD at work! (My sister and her hubby are in the process of adopting from Russia - they hope to get two)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and tell you how nice it is to meet you. ☺

    Take Care,

  4. Well, you're still getting your own child... remember that. Just biologically not tied to you, perhaps, but in every single way, still your own.
    That is an amazing gift indeed.

    For whatever reason (weirdly) I never had the desire to bear children, but always wanted (felt called?) to adopt- since I was in high school. It just felt like this was my path in life... how happy I am that you were led to this, in your own way, and have come to embrace it so fully.

    I don't know the pain of your loss- I can't even imagine it. But I am always amazed at how God can turn all that pain into our greatest joy.

    All the best to you and to your family.

  5. Lins,
    I am so glad you posted the video--I COULD EAT HIM UP!!!!! That little laugh is precious---again, absolutely cannot wait to meet him :)
    Love, Sara