Monday, April 20, 2009

Here is my first posting to Judah's blog. I must start out by saying that I am horrible (seriously horrible) with technology-those who know me well are laughing right now. The thought of getting a blog together was a little daunting, but the more I thought about it, I knew that I had to start one-to record the process-to educate about Africa-to inspire those considering adopting-to raise awareness about orphans-and to let my son know how much he was loved even before we met him.
My husband, Ryan, (whom I adore) and I have three absolutely precious children already. Noah is six-all boy, loud, outgoing, loves to watch sports, play games, yet has such compassion for those who are hurting. Bella is five-all girl, cautious, dramatic, loves to dance and sing, yet her heart for her Savior teaches me daily. Emma Lynn is four-also all girl, affectionate, content, mommy's little one who will only wear pink, yet has such joy for the life Jesus has given her. And if all goes well late summer or early fall we will get to meet our precious Judah.

Judah is three and adorable!!!! We have seen pictures and watched video clippings. Friends that have volunteered at his orphanage, Amani Baby Cottage, have given me little glimpses into his life. In all our pictures, he almost always has a HUGE smile on his face, or he is laughing. They say he is little but he tries and tries to be one of the big kids-that he is always tagging along and loves to be at the center of any fun. One day I hope he reads this and realizes how much I CAN NOT WAIT- to hold him in my arms, to kiss his face all over, to rub noses, to sing to him, to help him realize that he has not been alone these past three years. I want him to know that the waiting is very hard -that I would bring him home this second if I could. To explain to him that his Heavenly Father loved him when he lived in an orphanage and that Jesus saved him, not our family. But, how I am so grateful that God has given us this amazing little boy-this little boy that we have prayed for -for so long-our Judah.


  1. Tears come to my eyes as I read your first post,and I am just so thankful that God has allowed us to walk this path together. I am so thankful that Asher and Judah will be friends forever. Please know that we are here with you for the long haul! Before we know it, our sons will be home! To God alone be the glory! Great things He has done (and is doing!)
    We love you!--Dana

  2. Lindsey - nice to meet you!

    I am an adoptive Mom of 8 children - 6 through international adoption.

    I'm here to pray along side of you until Judah comes home. You have a precious family!

    God will see you through as you wait to meet your son in person!

    Blessings and grace,

  3. Lindsey, you have made your mother cry. This is so beautiful. When Judah gets here, Cookie will have another baby to love and spoil. Judah is so lucky to be a part of your beautiful family (all of which I miss very much).

    I love you,


  4. Hi Lindsey! Its Amy from facebook! i love following adoption blogs of kids i know and love :) welcome to the blogger world! God bless!

    Love Amy

  5. Hey Lindsey! he is adorable (as is the rest of your family!) Can't wait to see what God does through this process. Your blog looks great!!

    Allison Byrd

  6. Hey Lindsey! This is so exciting and just SO moving!!! I'm so excited to follow your blog and this entire WONDERFUL process!!
    Love, Callen Casey Martin

  7. As I sit on my porch and watch my children play, I cry tears of joy for you and your beautiful family! That boy is a blessed one already! You are as beautiful as ever, and your family is too! I will be following, praying, watching, and waiting with you! All my love!

    What a courageous mother you are!!!

  8. Lindsay,
    I am so excited for you and your family...thank you for sharing this journey!!!
    Many thoughts and prayers,
    Allison Collier

  9. Lindsey---I love it!!! And I am so very impressed by your technology :) But most of all, I am so excited that this blog will help me be more a part of your day to day life as you wait for little Judah. I already think about him often, and I cannot wait to meet him! I miss you tons--sorry we haven't really talked much since the beach--it's been a long few weeks. But I will call soon. Tell Ryan and the kiddos hi!
    Love, Sara