Sunday, January 9, 2011

Raising our Right Hands I need to apologize. I have not blogged in months...months. Not because I haven't wanted to and not because I don't enjoy putting all my crazy thoughts down on paper. Honestly, I just took a break...not intentional at first...but after a few months I just let time go by. So, first off I looked back at the last time I blogged and I need to thank those of you who prayed for my sweet Noah when he was so sick. So much has changed and happened in our family's life that I am just thankful and don't really know where to start.

Judah started pre-kindergarten. He is playing on his first official basketball team. His first tooth is about to fall out. And his adoption in the US became official!!!! That boy just melts my heart.
Emma Lynn is halfway through her kindergarten year. I want to freeze these days because they are going by to quickly. Her teacher is absolutely one of my favorite people in the world and I have just enjoyed being in her classroom as sweet Emma Lynn smiles from ear to ear as she learns with those dimples getting bigger and bigger each day.
Bella is getting older. She isn't as into princesses anymore which makes my heart mourn a little. She loves to sing and dance. And out of the four I think she will be my horseback rider. She loves to just brush Charlotte, the pony. And Bella's joy for life still abounds.
And big second grader!!! His feet are almost as big as mine. He played football and basketball....loves to read and play his games...and Ryan is teaching him to play the guitar. Sometimes I just look at him and can not believe how old he is.

During these past few months...the highlight for our Judah would be going to court in the US. It is a day I don't think I will never forget for the rest of my life. And one of my favorite parts was when the judge asked Ryan and I to raise our right hand to swear that we would care for and protect Judah all of his days...the other three kids also raised their right hands to swear as well. And I think it just hit me....they have been a part of Judah's story the whole time and they also want to care and protect him. Recently, a dear friend and gifted pastor needed some information about adoption for a sermon so he messaged me and asked me a few questions. Here is a little bit of my response to him.

Here are some words...nothing profound but hope it helps. is honestly hard for me to even put words to the word..somehow they just don't do justice. It hits me out of the blue just the sheer realization that this child that I love and care for so much that is laughing out loud at Tom and Jerry (his favorite) while eating a yogurt would most likely be starving to death or probably a child soldier in a few years if he were still in Africa...if the Lord hadn't picked him to be in our family. And yet he did pick him and there are so many others who will die...but he picked him. And because he is our son our lives will never be the same. Tragedy he lived our tragedy. His joys are our joys. His milestones are our milestones. He truly is part of our family. And Judah changed the fabric of our family for the better. Adoption is now part of the other three...they get it...they hope to adopt one day...even at their young ages they get it.

During the adoption process I secretly wondered if I would love him the same. And the beauty is that I absolutely love him the same...God has made each one of our children so different in their own precious way and Judah is no exception. I love his laugh...his ability to make a friend everywhere he goes...his pure joy that makes me want to be a better mom. And I do wonder what did his birth mother look like...was she sick...dying...did she just hope someone would find him that could take better care of him? These are questions I am sure he will ask one day...and I pray that when that time comes he will have a peace and understanding that God chose have a family that can support, love, and adore him. He had nothing from three weeks on...nothing...just someone who found him abandoned took him to the hospital but still didn't want him. It is such a picture of how he chooses us...long before we can even come to an understanding...and it makes the reality that I had nothing...nothing to do with HIm picking me to draw me to makes it so matter of out of my hands yet my response has to be (not that it always is) complete and utter thankfulness.

I hope to blog more often this semester....but I have learned not to promise anything. :) Here are a few pictures from this past semester. For those of you who are in the process of adopting...know that it is hard...harder than you think...but worth it. From the mouth of my friend Jay the gifted pastor...Judah is worth it.


  1. Welcome back Lindsey! It is good to read about Judah and love what you wrote about adoption. Arnold is doing so well, it is hard to imagine him anywhere but here! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So good to hear from you again! I have your blog bookmarked, and check it several times a week to see if you've posted. I'm glad you took a break- you are a busy Mom! These pictures are precious and the words that you said in commitment to Judah are precious. I agree with everything you said about adoption. Hard, hard, hard but so worth it. And our Anna has been with us 4-1/2 years and I still am getting glimpses from God about the whole picture.

    Thanks for the updates on your other kids as well. Lindsey, my Jacob is 13- crazy. He is only 1/2" shorter than I am and his foot size is slightly bigger than mine. He wore my snow boots and snow pants today! So, I know exactly what you mean about time passing...

    Hopefully we will see each other sooner than later!

    Blessings to you and your family.

  3. so thankful He adopted us! grateful to you for the incredible reminder! and so sweet to see how He's chosen Judah to be part of your family! love you, friend!!

  4. Thanks for the sweet and true words about adoption! God is using Bobby in a very large way to teach me and my family many things about us and Him. Of course it will be hard, how do we grow otherwise? Your words to the pastor are beautiful. Read them to Judah one day, he will love it.

  5. I have pics of judah in 2008 when I was there adopting my son. I can email them to you if you like
    Tiffany kulp

  6. What adoption agency did you use for your adoption?