Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Ones

Well, I have been home now since late last week has passed. I must confess that the Lord is still teaching me and I am still processing my time in Africa. It was wonderful and beautiful....heart wrenching and ugly all at the same time....I think I will write more later on this topic. My love for that little boy continues to grow with every second that passes. I miss him. I miss him holding my hand. I miss his inquisitive eyes. I even miss the way he sucks on his fingers for comfort...even though we are trying to break that pattern....I miss it. I miss it because these little things help to make up his personality. AND I AM SO THANKFUL TO HAVE EXPERIENCED HIM. And I truly ache for the day he will be with his family....our family. Tomorrow is another big day. The judge will give the verbal ruling. After this ruling there are still several more steps that follow...a written ruling, a letter, passport, visa....etc. So, we are making progress. Selfishly, I would like to pray to have him home for Thanksgiving...but I will continue to trust the Lord's timing. Here is a little clip from Africa. We are at the hotel with a friend of Judah's, Asher Keck...Dana's little one. Asher is now home with his forever family in Nashville and doing great. They are too cute!!!! But, what hits home in my heart even more than their the fact that they will always be friends. They will go to school and church with each other. They will live a few minutes from one another. These two boys...and several more little ones (seven)...will all remain very close friends. Thank you Lord for how you are still teaching me and I am still processing because of nine little ones from Jinja, Uganda...nine little ones that are from the same orphanage....nine little ones that you have and will continue to knit their hearts together....thank you Lord for I have so much to learn from these little ones.


  1. Am praying for a favorable ruling today and for all the other details to be completed quickly. I will also pray that he will be home for Thanksgiving- with God NOTHING is impossible!

  2. Hi Lindsay!
    Thank you for posting your thoughts and feelings after such an emotional trip! Knowing Judah's mommy was there to meet him had me smiling so much. You reminded me, in this post, that there will be so many Ugandan little ones who will know each other and continue to grow up together. How amazing is that!? Something only God could do for sure. I'm praying specifically for peace in yours and Judah's hearts- knowing and trusting that you will be together again soon!!
    Rachel (Amani Rachel :) )