Monday, September 21, 2009

Opening My Eyes

Friday night after we got the news of our court date I was just too excited to sleep. So...I decided to wait up and call Dana around four in the morning our time...hoping she might be at the orphange...hoping Judah would not be taking a nap. And the Lord blessed us again that day with such a gift. I woke Ryan up and we TALKED TO JUDAH ON THE PHONE!!!! I tell you what, I am puddy in his hands from the accent alone. We told him we loved him, we told him we were coming soon, ...and he simply said, "I want to go home." I have said it before and I will say it again....there are no words to describe hearing your son's voice for the first time. That night while tucking Noah into bed he declared, "I am staying up all night long to call Judah and tell him I am his big brother." It really was precious...and then he asked me, "Mom, why are so many of our friends adopting?" It was a question that I have been thinking about ever since. And all I could answer is that God is opening the eyes and hearts of many....for His children. We are becoming educated.

When Ryan felt the Lord calling him to seminary...I knew that the Lord would be teaching him, but I had no idea how much He would be teaching me as well. I had no idea He would be teaching me about those who are starving, those who have no voice, those who are dying just from lack of medicine....but He has been opening my eyes and I am trying to become more educated.
When I was faced with the reality of just thinking that our own son may or may not have a disease that I have been fearful about my entire life... it opened my opened my eyes that I needed to become educated... after I read and talked to doctors (I had no idea that having a cousin who is an infectious disease specialist would ever mean so much.) I realized that this disease that I was so fearful about...really is extremely hard to get....more hard to get than I could imagine...but I had to and am still becoming educated. This post was hard for me to write...but honestly last week during the ups and downs...I realized that if I am to love those He has asked me to love...I must learn.

So while Ryan is attending class and learning so that man....God has been educating me in ways that I had not expected.

I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever. Psalm 52:8b


  1. What a sweet post. The Lord has something for each of us each day if we only open our eyes to it! I'm still praying for you and will continue to do so! Bless your sweet family!

  2. Hi, my name is Frances and we have recently been approved to adopt from Amani in Uganda! I have been blessed to find several blogs of those traveling this journey also. Thanks for your words. I understand. When I got the email from Mary and began reading the Mayernick story...I felt some of the same things.

    God continued to speak His Word over me..."I have not given you a spirit of fear but of power and of love and a SOUND MIND!" Wow...I needed a sound mind last week.

    Thank you for your honesty. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to following your journey and those of others leaving soon as you go ahead of us. We hope to be matched any time now.

    Our blog is

    I pray that your court date comes really soon!!

    Frances Worthington
    Atlanta, GA